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School Vision

We believe in:

Fostering a community which is inclusive, welcoming, just and compassionate
Supporting, challenging and celebrating all as thinkers, learners and searchers for knowledge within a global perspective
Developing social skills and competencies which empower each to contribute positively to our ever changing world.

The care of each child is an integral part of life in the St Peter's School community. It has the individual as its focus, and therefore aims to enable all to grow, to be affirmed in their dignity and worth as persons, to appreciate themselves and to develop skills in building relationships.

Our Student Wellbeing Policy incorporates and proclaims the dimensions of justice whereby the rights of all members are respected. We constantly strive to be a "Bully Free School."

Supportive relationships between families, teachers and students are a key element of the Student Wellbeing Policy. St Peter's School fosters a learning environment that facilitates the development of self-discipline within students.

The development of self-discipline is also encouraged by the School Assertive Discipline Policy and Procedures which promote acceptable behaviour in:

the ways which children treat each other and all adults
students’ treatment of property
students’ movement throughout the school

Our School Rules are simple and easy to follow. They are:

We show good manners in what we say and do
We show respect, kindness and fairness towards others.
We take care of our school and personal property
We play and move safely at all times.

Click below to download our Child Safe Policy

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