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Physical Education 

Physical Education provides a comprehensive and sequential program for students which aims to improve the physical, social, emotional and behavioural development of all students. Physical activity, sports and recreation are an important part of people’s lives. 
It is essential that we promote the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle and ensure that our students experience enjoyment and success. This will develop a positive attitude towards the ongoing benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education Program
Term 1: 
Prep: Perceptual Motor Program
Grade 1 & 2: Cooperative games and ball handling (soccer) 
Grade 3 & 4: Cooperative games, Soccer and Swimming 
Grade 5 & 6: Cooperative games, Soccer and Swimming 

Swimming Program

In compliance with Victorian educational standards, our school completes mandatory swimming lessons at local Clayton Aquatics and Health Club. 

Over the end of our first term, the grades 3 - 6 complete there lessons while Preps and grades 1/2 complete there lessons in fourth term.   

For more information about mandatory swimming lessons in schools visit

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