That all may have life JN 10:10
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That all may have life Jn 10:10
Call Us Today!  (03) 9544 3032
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Student Wellbeing

St Peter’s has a mission to continue to improve the quality of educational outcomes for all our students. We acknowledge that contemporary learning for the 21st century is a priority for our School Community.

Contemporary Learning

Contemporary learning is underpinned by an expectation that all students will succeed. Students construct new knowledge and understanding on what they already know and believe. Learning experiences enable students to develop deep understandings about the world.

Capacities are built for lifelong learning. Students are engaged in identifying multiple perspectives. Learning is differentiated, interactive, personalised and co-created. Learners have continual access to a range of contemporary tools.

Literacy Curriculum

Language is essential to all areas of learning, thinking and communicating and is an integral part the whole primary school curriculum. Language development is achieved by learning language, learning through language and learning about language.

At St. Peter’s, we acknowledge that developing good language skills is essential for students to become proficient communicators, creative thinkers and effective learners for life. Language is not only critical for communication in our world, but it also facilitates all our thinking and understanding. With this in mind, at St Peter's we believe that the teaching of literacy is a high priority and the cornerstone of all learning.

Our whole school literacy program strives to prepare our students to become effective and confident communicators, imaginative and critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

At St. Peter’s our literacy teaching and learning program sees the implementation of a daily two hour literacy block, where effective programs are designed to improve student’s performance and attitude to reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening and the love of literature.
Our teachers deliver a rich and balanced literacy program, maintaining high expectations of students, provide stimulating, enjoyable and engaging learning time focused on their students learning needs. Teachers plan activities to cater for the different learning styles and individual needs of each student in their class. We value and foster a close relationship between home and school in regard to the literacy development of our students.
  • The focus In Literacy for our Foundation to Year 2 students is:
  • Developing a love of literature
  • Understanding the different purposes and language features of simple text.
  • Reading with automaticity and fluency
  • Making meaning from texts, using a range of strategies
  • Reflecting on how text represent people, characters, places and events, depending on the type of text and author’s intention
  • Creating, planning, composing and editing their own writing, drawing on their own experiences, imagination and information that they have learned
  • Discussing and clearly communicating their ideas and experiences, using everyday language in different ways
Call (03) 9544 3032 today for more information about our teaching programs. 
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