Our Curriculum


We are a student centred school where everyone is valued, where we build authentic relationships, develop a love of learning, have access to a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum and become responsible citizens and confident lifelong learners.


We build our student's capacity to be great communicators, thinkers, collaborators and researchers who manage themselves effectively and are invested in the ownership and success of their learning.


We ensure a personalised approach to our student’s learning based on their strengths, challenges, interests, talents, experiences and background. Learning and Teaching is explicit and scaffolded to establish learning intentions, success criteria and feedback to ensure access and success for all.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

St Peter’s offers a range of learning opportunities that fall outside the sphere of the normal curriculum. An extracurricular activity is designed to enhance the students’ social, academic, physical, creative or intellectual learning. Some examples of what is offered at St Peter’s are:


Social Justice Program

Sacramental preparation

Mass participation 

Altar service

Classroom Masses

Special Liturgies



Camps (Year 5/6)

Overnight Camp ( Years 3/4 ) 

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Reading Recovery Intervention



Student led Action Teams:

School Captains and Vice Captains

Religious Education and Social Justice leaders

Sustainability leaders

Sports leaders

Tech leaders

Performing Arts leaders

Student Representative Council (SRC) Prep - Year 6

Public speaking program for Years 6 students

Leadership Program for Years 5 and 6 students

Student Wellbeing

Buddy Program

Transition Program

BeYou Program

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Restorative Practices


Gardening and Cooking Program



Cross Country


Interschool sport (Summer / Winter)

Representative sport 




The Arts

Instrumental Lessons

Book week activities

Italian Day

Art Show (biannually)

Performing Arts Musical (biannually)

Musical showcase assemblies


Ukulele Club

Christmas Carols Evening

Teaching & Learning

All in the community are seen as lifelong learners therefore we strive to provide an environment where we:

  • develop a healthy self-esteem, so that all will think of themselves as significant, capable, worthy and able to succeed according to their own rates of development.

  • have programmes that are sequential, planned so as to meet the needs of the learner and are continually evaluated to ensure engagement through teaching that is learner based and focused.

  • are exposed to a variety of experiences, including different teaching approaches, styles and role models, and have available to all quality resources, sufficient to meet the needs of all learners.

  • have opportunities to practise and apply new understandings and where learners are able to monitor and assess their own development.

  • recognise each others talents, skills and achievements through appropriate feedback.    

  • are immersed in a variety of challenging and enjoyable learning situations, including co-operative interaction with others in flexible groups, appropriate to the task at hand.

  • have the opportunity to use modern technologies to enhance the learning process.

Education in Faith

Our faith is at the centre of everything that we do at St Peter's Primary School. We are committed to fostering an environment where we educate the whole person and encourage everyone to reach their full potential.


At St Peter's Primary School, Religious Education promotes the message of Jesus and develops children's understandings of living as a person of faith within their family, school, parish and the wider community. Religious Education permeates all aspects of the curriculum and school activities.
We teach Religious Education using an integrated inquiry approach in line with the new Horizons of Hope Religious Education Curriculum Framework (developed by Catholic Education Melbourne).


Religious Education at St Peter's Primary School aims to help students grow as faith filled people. We aim to build on the experiences of each student, enhance their opportunity for rich dialogue with others and allow them to form their own understandings and make deep connections with their faith.

Our Catholic faith is evident through the artwork and displays around our school. The provision of prayer spaces and the priority of prayer in the school’s daily life supports and enhances our Church’s mission.


Teachers, in their relationships with students, continually give witness to the gospel. We aim to work in partnership with parents who are the primary educators of their children and the creators of the environment in which their children first come to know and love God.

At St Peter’s Primary School the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, with human dignity at its centre, are embedded in student’s learning experiences across the curriculum and underpin all we do.


At St Peter’s Primary School, we believe that a successful language program is one in which reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing are integrated in a supportive and stimulating environment.
Our students are exposed to a large range of written, visual and spoken texts in printed and electronic forms. They are supported in making meaning from all text types by developing the knowledge, skills and strategies to read, view and listen critically and to think, speak and write with confidence.


At St Peter’s Primary School the aim of Mathematics in Prep - 6  is to enable students to appreciate Mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life and develop their ability to work mathematically.

We encourage positive attitudes towards learning by developing students’ understanding for applying Mathematics effectively to become proficient problem solvers and to value the place of Mathematics in society.

Through our daily Mathematics program students will:

  • Develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts, processes and strategies and the capacity to use these in solving problems

  • Develop the ability to apply their mathematics to analyse situations and solve real life problems

  • Develop appropriate language for the effective communication of mathematical ideas and experiences

  • Develop an appreciation of the applications to mathematics of technology, including calculators and computers

Contemporary Learning

Contemporary Learning gives attention to identifying core knowledge, skills and understandings that are required to be successful in today's world. Core capacities such as higher order thinking, creativity, collaboration and the use of contemporary literacies are considered to be powerful learning opportunities for the contemporary learner.

At St Peter's Primary School we believe that education should be about developing the whole child. As empowered and intrinsically motivated individuals, students develop the critical skills and understandings that will allow them to be successful, active participants in an ever-changing and increasingly global community.


Informed by The Victorian Curriculum and guided by the principles and knowledge of how each individual student learns, we provide a developmental approach to teaching which maximises opportunities for success for every student. Creativity, cooperation, problem solving, self-direction, self-regulation, empathy and the capacity to manage change are embedded throughout the curriculum.


As much as possible, we aim to provide learning experiences that:

  • allow for flexible learning pathways

  • respond to diverse needs

  • develop contemporary literacies

  • foster communities of learning

  • enable rich and timely assessments


At St Peter’s Primary School we use an Inquiry approach to learning across a broad curriculum. Inquiry based learning is a process that draws on a range of tools and strategies to develop thinking and research skills, collaboration, communication, independence and ownership of learning.

The context, content, skills and dispositions incorporated provide a balance between curriculum standards, real life contexts, current local and global affairs, as well as student interest.

Our Inquiry units aim to ignite curiosity and develop deep understandings about our world, how it works and our involvement in this world.


Our Inquiry Units are real, rich and relevant multi - disciplinary investigations that aim to develop a cumulative understanding  of the world in which our students live.

Specialist Classes

At St Peter's Primary School, we strive to offer the best Specialist Classes for our students.

These specialist classes include:

  • Physical Education

  • LOTE - Italian

  • Visual Arts

  • Music

Assessment & Reporting

The assessment of a student’s progress is fundamental to St Peter’s Primary School’s vision for learning. Assessment is both formative (informing our teaching) and summative (a summary of how student learning is progressing).


Students are assessed at a number of points throughout their time at school and in each school year. Student feedback is most effective when it is timely, relevant, encouraging and offers suggestions for improvement.

We conduct learning conversations with parents, teachers and students in February and June and written reports are provided in June and December. These written reports are based on the Victorian Curriculum which outlines what is essential for all Victorian students to learn during their time at school.


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